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Everybody should put a completed document like this in every experiment's folder of data. (I think this suggestion wins the contest for Most Disregarded.)

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Please put spatial and time scales on micrographs and movies.

Is it a T cell or a fibroblast? Is it ten seconds or overnight? To understand what we are seeing and how it relates to other phenomena, we need to see spatial scale on every micrograph and time scale (or duration) on every movie. (original tweet here) (joke version here)

Especially with the advent of super resolution (including expansion microscopy) the ratio of detail to full cell size has changed dramatically in fluorescent micrographs from what has been historically common, therefore, the need for clear spatial scale is critical. Also, anyone who claims that the micrograph relates to quantitative biology should appreciate the need for the audience to understand the size (and time scale in movies). All should be clearly marked. Movies could say, "Six hour duration," or have times incrementing in a corner with clear units (ms, sec, min, etc). We need to see this on every image, clear at a glance.