Three analysis station computers
Each one different software

  1. Station #1 Amira; Nikon Elements Lite. 96GB
  2. Station #2 Imaris; AutoQuant. 256 GB
  3. Station #3 Imaris. 256 GB

Log in with KID and password.

All have ImageJ, Adobe Suite, Microsoft and other programs.

Imaris reference manual 9.2.0

All files should be converted to Imaris format before loading into Imaris. The software is free and installable on 64 bit PC. If not a personal computer, IT may be required for permissions to install.




Stations #2 & #3

First time you log in need to set up display setting. For large screen, suggested settings:
Right click on desktop.
Display > Scale and layout > 125%  

Logout and log in.



ANALYSIS STATION #2, Skirball 2nd floor

Imaris x64 9.1.0 [Dec 19 2017] Build 45585 for x64 Copyright © 1993-2017 Bitplane AG


European Patent EP20050009577
United States Patent 7382374


Using BisQue, Copyright © 2007-2014, Center for Bio-Image Informatics, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106)

Using Qt, cross-platform application and UI framework, Copyright © 2014 Digia Plc, LGPL v2

Using HDF, data model file format library, Copyright 2006-2015 by the HDF Group, BSD

Using Expat XML Parser, Copyright © 1998, 1999, 2000. Thai Open Source Software Center Ltd and Clark Cooper

Using FFmpeg, multimedia framework, LGPL 2.1

Using FreeImage, graphics image library, FIPL

Using OpenSlide, whole-slide image library, LGPL 2.1

Using OpenH264, Cisco Video Codec, BSD and AVC Patent Portfolio License from MPEG LA L.L.C.

Using GDCM, DICOM library, Copyright © 2006-2016 Mathieu Malaterre, Copyright © 1993-2005 CREATIS, BSD License from OSI









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