Zeiss Imager.Z2 upright microscope
SB 4th floor
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This microscope has a monochrome camera and lenses with minimal focus shift due to color for high quality fluorescence imaging. It also has an automated stage for tiling large areas and a focus motor for Z series collection. It has DIC optics for transmitted light imaging.

A few of the specifications:

  • Zeiss Imager.Z2
  • Zen 2.6 Blue
  • HP Z240 32GB Windows 7 Ultimate
  • 5X N.A. 0.16 Planapochromat 420630-9900
  • 10X N.A. 0.45 Planapochromat 420640-9900
  • 20X N.A. 0.80 Planapochromat 420650-9902
  • 40X N.A. 0.95 Planapochromat 420660-9970 Adjustable collar
  • 63X N.A. 1.4 OIL DIC Planapochromat 420782-9900-1
  • X-Cite-120LED Boost Wavelength Range: 370-700nm for reflected light, Power Consumption: 230W
  • LED for transmitted light
  • Axiocam 506 Mono Technical specifications and instruction manual
  • DIC
  • near-IR; EX 625-655; split 660; EM 665-715; (Cy5, Alexa 647)
  • Red; EX540-552; split 560; EM 575-640; (Rhodamine, Cy3, Alexa 568, RFP, mCherry...)
  • Green; EX450-490; split 495; EM 500-550; (FITC, Alexa 488, eGFP, eYFP (inefficient but works)...
  • Blue; EX335-383; split 395; EM 420-470; (dapi); n.b. that the lamp spectra make this effectively a 360-383 nm exciter.
  • There is no filter set for Alexa Fluor 594; the Rhod set may be used but is inefficient.

People often ask, what about 100X? The 63X N.A. 1.40 lens has the same spatial resolution at the 100X lens when matched with the small pixel AxioCam on this microscope but with benefits such as a wider field of view.

Antivibration table needs to be floating properly for high resolution microscopy.


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