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DO NOT touch any switches except the the ones in these instructions..

If you are only using the computer, only turn on the switch in step 2; leave all the other ones off.

Turns on: DEFO, HXP, Ar laser, Incubation

2. Red Switch on Power Strip
Sends power to the PC (computer) and monitor.
Then press the power button on the front of the computer on the floor to the right.

3. SYSTEMS/PC (label not descriptively correct...)
Turns on additional confocal components.

Wait for computer to completely boot up before step 4.

Turns on: Lasers, scan head, real time PC, etc.

5. If the microscope touch pad does not light up, try pressing the power button at the back left of the microscope stand.

6. Log in to computer account.

7. Run Zen software.

8. Immediately go in to Lasers window in Acquitiion tab and turn on the lasers you will be using. This will save time by allowing the lasers to power up fully while you find your sample, load settings, etc.

9. Optional: Incubator may be set by the touchpad on the table.
Home > Microscope > Incubation
For Airy Scan, the Incubator should be on at 30 degrees C and make sure the doors and other covers on the incubator box are closed.


Oil and Water lenses

Use special 30 degrees oil for incubation only.

Use 1.518 oil for RT.

Use Immersol W or GenTeal for water lenses.


Saving Files

All files should be stored in one of these two locations.
Files left on the desktop or drive C: will be deleted.

.czi always.

Move data to your lab's shared server space.



CH1 and CH2 GaAsP detectors require 500V gain minimum.

For BiG use plate, not mirror. Filter blocks installed manually in side. Blocks for red/green and CFP/YFP.


Software Help

Click on ? button in upper right and then click on thing on screen want help with.



First do 128X128 large area fast overview tile scan.
Put in new container.
Click stage (or use positions to set multiple Z)

12% overlap.

Zen Blue for post processing stitching.



When using Airyscan, do not change the size of the image or the zoom manually. Use the Optimize button to choose the correct settings.
DO NOT THINK, just click Optimize.
The pinhole should also be open to the right of the red bar in the pinhole slider.

Power down:
Turn off Ar laser in software
Quit software.
DO NOT turn key.




Maintenance issues:

Adding oil to compressor.








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