Leica SP8 confocal
SK 4th floor

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SP8 laser scanning confocal microscope with PMTs and HyD detectors.

A few of the specifications:

  • upright microscope
  • 10X 0.30 HCX PL Fluotar
  • 20X 0.75 HC PL APO
  • 40X 0.80 W APO water dipping
  • 40X 1.10 W CORR CS2
  • 63X 1.20 W CORR CS
  • 63X 1.40 oil CS
  • Lasers 405, 488, 514, 561, 594, 633 nm
  • 2 PMT detectors
  • 2 HyD detectors
  • reflection mode
  • electronic controlled stage

People often ask, what about 100X? The 63X N.A. 1.40 lens has the same spatial resolution as a 100X lens of the same numerical aperture. A large pixel image may have the benefit of a larger field of view at the same resolution. Zoom &/or enlarge the scanned field size (# of voxels) to achieve the same resolution.



fun do-it-yourself immersion lens repair: