Zeiss 800 Smilow 12
SN 2633000139


Advance scheduling:


Inverted microscope with AiryScan and environemental chamber, autofocus, and stage for multiposition time lapse.

63x/1.4 oil DIC Plan-Apochromat M27
40x/1.3 oil Iris (UV) VIS-IR Plan-Apochromat
20x/0.80 Plan-Apochromat M27
10x/0.30 EC Pla-Neofluar M27 (not recommended for confocal)
10x/0.45 PlanApochromat M27

405 nm

AiryScan (may be used as single detector)
ESID detector for transmitted imaging (requires laser set to high power)


Zen 2.1 (early version of Zen Blue which has vagaries different than Zen Black or newer versions of Zen Blue)
Cannot look at line sequectial tracks in live scan mode

If you need an explanation how to use the 63X lens to achieve full resolution, please ask Michael or Yan.
In brief:


General Confocal Best practices:

Highly recommended reading: Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy


Zeiss claims that the microscope is prealigned ideally.
However, we have found that AiryScan should be aligned at each imaging session because the prealignment does not match all samples.
Use single channel Continuous mode with small pixel size image and high speed and high zoom for alignment.
Pinhole is supposed to be 2.5 or so.
Instructions for Zeiss 880 version of AiryScan here.

760 nm SP filter installed 7 October 2019




LSM 800 Serial# 2633000139 which is currently located in Smilow 12.