Zeiss 700 upright microscope SK5

To use this scope please contact Michael Cammer & Yan Deng and have permission from Dr. Steve Burden.

Signup to use microscope: http://signups.med.nyu.edu/facilities/equipment/signups/zeiss-700-confocal-5th-floor


All files must be saved on Drive D:
All files should be copied to Medical Center maintained server.

If you are asked to install an update, just say no!


About the microscope

Laser lines Useful for...
405 nm Dapi, CFP, Pacific Blue
488 nm FITC, Alexa488, GFP, YFP
555 nm RFP, tdTomato, mCherry, rhodamine, Cy3, Alexa568, Alexa594, propidium iodide, DiI
639 nm Cy5, Alexa647, miRFP670, To-Pro

There are two ways to choose the spectral detection. One is by filter and the other is by a user adjustable mask. If you are using multiple channels, imaging will be much faster if the mask does not move between channels.



Use oil that says RI 1.518 on the bottle.

For best results, use #1.5 coverslips as explained here.



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General Confocal Best practices:




  1. Quit software.
  2. Transfer your files to server space.
  3. Shut down computer.
  4. Switches in reverse order.
  5. Sign out of Logbook



Example 3D from this microscope made with ImageJ.



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