a few results from VT-iSIM demonstration on site
Februrary 2016

Microscope: http://www.visitech.co.uk/vt-isim.html and http://www.biovis.com/vtisim.html

live worm (6.5 MB)

nuclei (12 MB)

HEK MTs (7.5 MB)

neurons (15.5 MB)

dendritic cells (4 MB)

mitochondria (10+ MB)




The following is an example of an approximately spherical live cell in culture that has fluorescent protein containing organelles (like vesicles) moving inside. These are rare occurances so more than twenty fields were imaged. Each field had a Z series collected. This produced approximately 1 TB of data per night. Then the few events during the overnight run were extracted making each relevant dataset a few GB.
The first movie illustrates the 3D nature of the cell. It is a 360 degree maximum pixel projection rotation of the z series collected at timepoint #16. The cell diameter is approximately 10 um.

The second movie shows the time series with projectsions through the Z series at 3 different angles."90 degrees" is from the side.