A need to use the Opal Multiplex Immunohistochemistry with the Zeiss 880 confocal and clearly separate signals.

We needed to see more spectral detail than the table published on the Perkinelmer website.

Opal Fluorophores




Opal 520

494 nm

525 nm

Opal 540

523 nm

536 nm

Opal 570

550 nm

570 nm

Opal 620

588 nm

616 nm

Opal 650

627 nm

650 nm

Opal 690

676 nm

694 nm

Spectral DAPI

358 nm

461 nm

Therefore, Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory at NYU Langone Medical Center prepared a sample of each probe and we measured with Zeiss 880 confocal in lambda mode, Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 M27, pinhole open.

Full spreadsheet in Excel format here.