Zeiss 710 MP microscope available through the Microscopy Core.
In publications with data from this microscope, please acknowledge grant NCRR S10 RR023704-01A1.

** Zeiss 710 MP instruction manual ** for basic powering up and powering down and big manual by Zeiss.

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About the microscope

Confocal and multi-photon system on inverted microscope with optional objective inverter for upright functionality. Environmental chamber for temperature stability.

Laser lines available:

laser listmeasured laser intensities

Excitation path has the following filters/mirrors in place to selectively deliver light to the sample and to allow for returning light to go to the detectors:

MBS position 1 MBC position 2


458 plate Fset38 wf
458/514 none Fset43 wf
458/543 -405 BS-MP 690+
none -445 BS-MP 760+
488 690+ rear
488/543 760+  
none -405/760+  
488/543/633 -445/760+  
T80/20 T80/20  
plate none  

Three internal detectors with user selectable spectral ranges from a little below 405 nm to to 740 nm. These may be used for standard confocal or for multiphoton. According to the software controls, the internal detectors collect up through 758 nm. However, testing with reflection mode with the longest wavelength physical gate, collection is practical only to 740 nm. After 740 nm collection intensity falls rapidly and is not detectable above 750 nm.

Standard Filters in External Detectors for nondescanned multi-photon. These filter blocks are easy to change if users have special needs and the blocks are purchased or borrowed.

  Wavelength (nm) Typical Uses
Channel 1 420 - 465 2nd Harmonic
Channel 2 465 - 500 Dapi, CFP
Channel 3 520 - 555 GFP, YFP, FITC
Channel 4 575 - 645 Cy3, DsRed, RFP, mCherry, Rhodamine, Qdots
Channel 5 660 - 760 Cy5, Qdots





Recommended alternative to water for using water immersion objectives.

Other Stuff


Service Notes for staff


Example publications using this microscope:

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