A lens added to the Zeis LSM 710 in ACLSW 421.

20X N.A. 0.75 PlanApoChromat air lens.

Whereas it is not as bright as the 25X oil lens, it is almost as high resolution (0.75 vs 0.80 N.A.) and appears to be flatter from side to side which should be of particular benefit to people doing tiling.

Again, this is an air lens. Make sure your coverslip is completely clean of fluids before using this lens. If you cannot get a good image with the lens, most likely someone got it dirty. It can only be cleaned by staff, so please let us know if you have any problems with it.


Left: Full field collected at zoom of 1, raw data scaled 16% to fit into window.
Right: area in yellow box shown at 100% to give an idea of the resolution.


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