Can we image in plastic bottom 96 well plates?
Yes. With the 40X or 20X water immersion objectives with the plastic tops.


Name: Michael Cammer for Anastasia Liapis

Date of imaging: 20120319

Goal: to see resolution we can image through 96 well plates with plastic bottoms.

Result: The 40X water immersion objective with the metal top does not work but the 40X with the plastic top does work.

Real water was used, not the Immersol W.

Microscope being used: Zeiss 710

Objective magnification: 40X

Probes used and the names of the dyes:
Channel 1: Green Cat# 15702 Fluoresbrite Carboxy YG 1.0 micron microspheres
2.5% solids latex; diameter = 0.973 um SD=0.028 um

And here are results with real cells:

actin stained with Alexa 488 phalloidin and nuclei with DRAQ5

Not all wells, however, may be imaged. Because of the limitations of the stage on the Zeiss microscope, only the center 60 wells may be imaged.




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