To transfer your files to your server space (which should connect automatically when you log in to a computer using your KID) or to
paste into the address bar of an open window or map network drive using your Kerberos ID to:

Windows:   \\\research

Mac:  smb://

User:     nyumc\yourKerberosID
Note that you have to type "nyumc\".

For those with high speed access, alternative server: \\\microscopy_core

Method to paste into the address bar of an open window:

Method to map a network drive:


When you are done, log out of account to disconnect the share.

If you cannot connect, try logging out and logging back in.

Alternative to logging out:
net use
net use * /d (to disconnect -- and name of acct instead of * which deletes all) for more info


How to get files from your computer

If you log in to your computer using KID, you should have access directly to your home directory H: and the research server R:
On a Mac, the drives are not lettered.

If you go a directory up from your lab directory on the research server, you will see Openshares.

Otherwise, connect using instructions above.