Poster for Skirball retreat October 2019. Goal to make non-expert microscopists think more about becoming more expert.
These are snapshots at 50% spatial resolution ofthe original poster. Comments welcome.


After printing the poster, there was a discussion on the confocal listserv regarding the 1 Airy unit rule for the confocal. Some people said that opening it a little might be ok. Also, I have hesitated to tell people to close it more than 1 because of the potential for increased noise or bleaching if the laser would have to be increased, but closing it more does increase spatial resolution. I looked back at data collected in June 2019 for a potential panel for this poster and was surprised to find that closing the pinhole to 0.7 Airy units was a dramatic improvement in XY spatial resolution, more than I expected, and without more noise or bleaching in a bright stable sample. The same dataset confirmed that it should not be opened more than 1 Airy unit. Data here.

offset and saturation