Widefield imaging of 10 um thick slice. Not confocal. Much faster imaging with wider dynamic range than laser scanning confocal. Also, much larger field of view.

The point of this web page is to show that the Zyla 5.5 sCMOS camera has a much larger field of view than the AxioCam (and other standard cooled CCD chips). Both images have the same resolution, but you can image a larger field with the Zyla 5.5.

This improvement of field size is a function of the camera, not of the microscope.

The Zeiss AxioCam is on the Axioobserver and
the Zyla 5.5 is on the Nikon Ti.


The comparison uses a Zeiss 40X and Nikon 60X lens because the result in essentially the same size pixel.
Images above shown at 33% original resolution. Only contrast adjustments linear. Zeiss image original 14 bits and Zyla 12 bits.

Zeiss with AxioCam: 0.1135000 um/pixel EC Plan-Neofluar 40x/1.30 Oil M27
Nikon with Zyla 5.5: 0.1083333 um/pixel Plan Apo λ 60x/1.40 Oil Ph3 DM

For more details, Zeiss metadata and Nikon metadata.


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