AxioPlan SK-3

Upright scope, late 1990s SPOT camera with liquid crystal RGB filters that as of 2018 continues to give great images!

** Signup to use microscope ** Must use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox; not Explorer


The original pixels size is 1360 X 1024. The images below are 454 X 605 pixels cropped out and shown at original size. Apologies no scalebars.

10X N.A. 0.3
20X N.A. 0.5
40X N.A. 1.3

Images taken 20180110. Notes for how system set up:

Recommend blue filter and darker of ND filters

Turn light up as bright as it can go

Kohler illumination

set exposure

move to blank field or draw a box around a region without staining

white balance

If drew box, Reset Area button lower left of live window

Setup > Autosave if want to autosave images -- but remember to rename BEFORE taking picture of new sample

recommend magnification in filename

Right click and fit to window on/off to zoom for focusing -- also, focus bar at far right of live window works well

Windows XP, need compatible USB device to tranfer files


Training checklist:



pixel size = 1 / Scale





last updated 20180110