example of measuring multiple channels multiple images

Author: Michael Cammer michael.cammer@med.nyu.edu
History: First version 20160512 for automatically measuring from Leica lif files from confocal SP5.

(see below)


It's just a macro. Plugins > Macros > Install...
Or open as a text file and install or run from the menu at the top of the window.


The measurement macro works on hyperstacks that have multiple channels only. It would be faster if all the ROIs were measured per channel first, but this method allows the user to watch it running. The setBatchMode(true) does not speed this up.

In this version, channels 1 and 2 are measured. measurement_macro_v101.txt

User opens all files to be analyzed. The macro then segments, measures, and writes results to Log window.


This macro is used to save al the files post-measurement with the overlays/labels. save_overlaid_series_as_individually_named_files_v100.txt



See Also:

Sorting Leica LIF files for this process. Save_LIF_series_as_individually_named_files_v100.txt

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