When imaging fluorescence it is important to make sure the background below the sample is black and non-reflective. Therefore, it is important to have the white reflector for transmitted light pulled out of position.




1. The image at the far left was taken with the white reflector for brightfield in place. Clearly, this elevates the background unacceptably.

2. The next image is with the white slider pulled all the way out so that the background is the bottom of the base which is painted black. This paint looks highly reflective, so I hypothesized that a less reflective background, such as the black velvet I used to use as a background for shooting color Ektachrome slides of artwork, would decrease the background more.

3. Interior of base lined with black velvet. I think a little better, but the graph says no.

4. Far right image is with slide in slide holder instead of lying on plate of glass. This does drop background a smidge more.

But the conclusion is to make sure the white reflector is out of the light path and don't be concerned with additional background reduction.