If you cannot get an image on the camera, there is a good chance the DV2 filter slider is blocking light. Check the DV2, particularly step 2 below.


The DV2 splits the images through two separate filters so that two probes may be imaged with precise temporal and spatial resolution. The alignment is extremely sensitive and it is imperative that the alignment knobs not be touched except as the last step in a multi-step process that requires special training.

If your image looks like one of the following, you need to put the DV2 in bypass mode.


1. Gently move the slider down to bypass mode. It should click and stay down.

2. Hold the DV2 steady with one hand while carefully pulling out the filter block as pictured. This should click into place at the distance pictured.

3. Draping black dust-free cloth over the filter block prevents light leakage and protects the DV2 from dust.




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