This webpage outlines a few of the differences between the Zeiss 800 laser scanning confocal microscope and the Zeiss 700 laser scanning confocal microscope which operates similarly to previous versions of the Zeiss confocals. Specifically, the previous versions of the scopes (and microscopes sold by other brands since at least the BioRad Radiance 2000) allowed for sequential line scans of different tracks when there were no moving parts involved. This mode was available both in a preview or live scan mode and in a snap or experiment mode that had settings for different fields of view, scan speeds, and averaging (or other modes).

With the Zeiss 700 (and other Zeiss confocals) we can set up three tracks with no moving parts except for different laser lines and detectors turning on and off.

This will allow us in live mode, when we need to search for features quickly using multiple channels, to scan apparently simultaneously.

In live mode all three tracks are imaged in line scan mode which appears continuous to user so moving the stage, refocusing, etc is easy while seeing all tracks.

(click here for full screen snap)

With the Zeiss 800, this feature has been eliminated.

Tracks are set up with no moving parts and for switching track every line.

But only one track at a time scans in live mode.

(click here for full screen snap of red and of green live scan)

This is a problem because, in addition to being different than the work flow users are accustomed to on all other systems, Continuous mode is often set to more pixels, slower scan rate, and averaging.


Zen versions:

Zeiss 700

Version 800