Spinning disk confocal, Nikon W1
Skirball 4th floor

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Instructions:  [Word doc]   [PDF]       How to set up a multipoint Z series time series.

This microscope is for fluorescence imaging. Primary use is spinning disk confocal. Can be used in bypass mode for widefield.

A few of the specifications:

  • Apo LWD 20X 0.95 Water λS DIC N2 adjustable collar 0.11 to 0.23
  • Apo LWD 40X 1.15 Water λS DIC N2 adjustable collar 0.15 to 0.19
  • Plan Fluor 40X 1.3 Oil 0.17
  • Apo 60x 1.40 Oil λS DIC N2 0.13 WD
  • SR HP Plan Apo 100X 1.35 Silicon Oil λS DIC N2 adjustable collar 0.15-0.19 and temperature
    All lenses with collars, match the thickness of coverslip or adjust empirically to maximize resolution.

    Chromatic aberration test results here.
  • Emission filter wheel positions:
    1. 455/50
    2. 525/36
    3. 540/24
    4. 605/52
    5. 705/72
    6. 89101 quad 405/488/555/640
    7?. 525/50
    two empty positions
  • Laser wavelengths for confocal: 405, 488, 561, 640 nm
  • LED wavelengths for widefield: 360, 488, 561, 640, 730 nm
  • Nomarski/DIC optics for 60X


Troubleshooting hardware? Try reviewing the original installation values posted here.
As of Dec 2019, installation files and othe backups are stored here:
R:\MicroscopyCore\mcammer\equipment profiles\Nikon spinning disk\default_settings_after_201912_reinstall
which all Microscopy Core staff have permissions to read.


Example image at left and brief tour of the microscope at right.

Click on image for full field version in new window.





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