This tif file provides grids of 1 X 1 mm squares and 2 X 2 mm squares where each line is one pixel wide. If you have a printer that is finer than 300 ppi, you could redraw the grids yourself for finer lines or change ppi and get smaller boxes. In our case, we printed the grids on a traditional HP bw printer and on a HP LaserJet M551 color printer.


Note different printers splatter ink or make other marks in/on transparencies differently. These transparencies are six years or older 3M PP2500 Transparency Film for Copiers.


In a Nikon Eclipse microscope which has a position in the eyepiece for a reticle disk.

Images below show H & E section through grid (left) and without grid (right). As per the image above, each box is 100 X 100 um in the tissue slice. The transparency is not really clean. For good imaging, should be replaced with professional printing on glass or polycarbonate disk.

With the 2 mm X 2mm gid:

When you use the 10X lens, each box represents 200 um X 200 um in the sample.

When you use the 20X lens, each box represents 100 um X 100 um in the sample.

This looks like a good place to order better grids:
If anyone does order from here, please let me know how they worked for you.




historical: pic of first attempt here and

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