All Microscopy Lab signups are through iLab.

iLab system requires that each lab user log in and register to become active in the system. This goes for everyone that uses core services, including those that are not trained to use equipment independently.
Staff are not able to request or perform any services (i.e. processing, sectioning, imaging etc.) for users who are not in iLab. 

Please see the instructions below:

  1. Follow steps on how to  register at this link
  2. Log in and register at this link (it may take up to 24 hours to receive confirmation that your account has been set up)
  3. Read this document. general_policies2017.pdf
  4. Read this policies web page.
  5. Read the acknowledgements document. [PDF] [Word]
  6. Read the BSL2 policy. (Do not bring food into the microscopy core.)
  7. Once you are registered, log into iLab and click on "list all cores."
  8. Select "Microscopy Laboratory"
  9. You will be brought a page that has 3 forms that you need to read. Instead of signing them, we will ask you a few brief questions regarding the policies that you need to answer correctly via institution email addess. The questions may also be found at the bottom of this web page.
  10. The button to complete the request my be hidden below the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "send access request".  
  11. Once the core has granted access you should log in and initiate a project or request a service so you can select the assigned chartfield for your project.
    Training for light microscopy may be arranged directly with staff via email or phone, not via iLab requesting services.
  12. After training, you will be set up to view the schedule for authorized equipment and reserve time.

Please let core know if you do not receive confirmation after registration or if you are still not able to access the instrument schedule.

Thank you,
Microscopy Laboratory

New core customers will have to complete a one-time account log in and registration.

When you register, ask for access to the Microscopy Lab.



For NYU Health users:


NYU and NYU College of Dentistry users who already have an iLab account created for use through the NYU College of Dentistry may continue to use that account and will log in using their email and iLab password.


External users should register for a new account by completing the registration form on the iLab login page. You will receive a welcome email from iLab, typically within one business day, with your login credentials. 

For more information on using iLab, please visit NYU intranet (Kerberos ID and password required) or contact Cathy Rapelje at


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You should be prompted to read and sign policies. If you do not see this, here are the instructions:

In lieu of signing the forms, please send answers to the following questions by email to the staff member who is helping you set up your first training or experiment.
1. In brief, what are key points of the acknowledgements policy?
2. What is the policy regarding wearing gloves?
3. Do you agree to abide by Microscopy Core standard policies?
Again, do not sign the forms; instead answer the questions by email.

  1. General Policies
  2. Acknowledgements policy [PDF] [Word]
  3. Not all users will perform live imaging. However, the following two points in the policy apply to all users as per EH&S: 1.) Eating, drinking, smoking, handling contact lenses, applying cosmetics, and storing food for human consumption must not be permitted in laboratory areas and 2.) Touching the keyboard or microscope focus knobs with gloves is immediate grounds for expulsion from the Core.
    BSL2 / Live Imaging policy

If you have a problem agreeing to any of the policies, please contact DART leadership to discuss or EH&S for the third point.



Kiosk instructions

[Word doc]   [PDF]


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