Zeiss AxioPlan2 upright microscope
SK 2nd floor


Instructions:  [Word doc]   [PDF]   [Full Zeiss manual]

This microscope has a monochrome camera.

A few of the specifications:

  • Zeiss AxioPlan2
  • Dell
  • 20X N.A. 0.50 Planneofluar
  • 40X N.A.
  • 63X N.A. 1.4 OILPlanapochromat
  • DIC
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

The 63X N.A. 1.40 lens has the same spatial resolution at the 100X lens when matched with the small pixel camera on this microscope but with benefits such as a wider field of view. Recommend only usig the 63X lens for high magnification work.

Spatial scales with Retiga R6 camera 1 x 1 binning
Each box is 10 um x 10 um.
From left to right:
20X    40X    63X, with 63X lens, each pixel is 0.073 um


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