Zeiss 880 Laser Scanning Confocal microscope with FCS, FLIM, and AiryScan
Location: SR C 17

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This microscope is most commonly used for standard fluorescence confocal. It also has other imaging modes, a few listed here:

  • reflection, IRM
  • transmitted light
  • automated stage for tiling large areas or repeatably imaging multiple positions
  • live and fixed samples
  • FLIM (time domain, excitation with pulsed 440 nm laser)
  • FCS and FCCS (continuous wavelength excitation)

A few of the specifications:

  • Zeiss AxioObserver inverted stand
  • environmental chamber for temperature and stage insert for CO2 control
  • 10X air N.A. 0.3 -
    For locating samples by eye, not recommended for confocal (we know you will use it anyhow...)
  • 20X air Plan-Apochromat N.A. 0.8 M27
    For thinner samples, cell culture or thin cut tissue.
  • 25x/0.8 LD LCI Plan-Apochromat Imm Corr DIC M27 for oil, water, silicone oil or glycerine immersion (D=0-0.17mm) (WD=0.57mm at D=0.17mm)
    Long working distance immersion lens great for cleared tissues.
  • 40X water N.A. 1.1 for standard imaging
  • 40X water N.A. 1.2 for FCS
  • 63X oil 1.40
  • 100X oil N.A. 1.46 Use only for Airyscan and other specialty work.
    NOT FOR ROUTINE CONFOCAL Instead, use the 63X with a zoom set or large pixel size image.
  • Excitation lasers: 405, 440 (pulsed for time domain FLIM), 458, 488, 514, 561, 594, 633 nm
  • Detectors, path 1:
    * PMT, 410 to 750 nm
    * 32 channel spectral, 409 to 695 nm (example of true spectral detection here)
    * redshifted GaAsP, up to 750 nm
    * transmitted detector; use with Omega Optical 750SP filter in the condenser to block IR light from Definite Focus (see similar configuration on Zeiss 800 here).
  • Detectors, path 2:
    * 2 GaAsP detectors ("BIG" detectors) with standard filter blocks for green/red and CFP/YFP
  • Detector, path 3:
    * AiryScan (example with gamma tubulin)
  • Automated Stage (tiling, repeated multiple positions)
  • Definite Focus to lock focus for time lapse -- 750SP Omega Optical filter in condenser to prevent interference with transmitted light detector
  • Windows 7 Zen Black

To adjust parfocaility using the touchpad:
Home > settings > focus > parfocality > adjustment


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Examples of true simultaneous transmitted light imaging with fluorescence:

Click here for original size image.


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