Zeiss Light Sheet Z1 notes


  1. Turn on power switches
  2. When starting Zen software, make sure the correct database is loaded to match with the lens you are using.



How to switch from 5X CLARITY or 20X Water to 20X CLARITY

  1. Retract sample in capillary (if mounted in tube) - watch in Locate mode on screen
  2. In software (XYZ window) raise stage to Load Position
  3. Carefully remove sample by pulling straight up. If sample glued to side of capillary, be extra careful.
  4. Remove fluid from chamber.
  5. Remove chamber
  6. clean lens
  7. change filter block
    The filter wheel positions are:
    4: Plate
    5: Quad use this one
    6: Tri (404900-9100)
  8. change objective lens including ring at base
  9. check all windows in chamber are clean
  10. make sure all holes are capped, especially the hole on the lower right side
  11. push in and lock
  12. Restart software with CLARITY database - This is the little "Boot Status" triangle in the lower left of the Zen startup splash screen (see above)
  13. Maintain tab to choose correct lenses for both illumination & detection









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