resonant scanner of a single dividing cell in culture dish with GFP histones

378 images total representing 54 Z slices and 7 timepoints. The total time listed in the metadata was 34.77 sec and ImageJ properties says 5.06 s per stack. The Nikon software said the 7 loops were supposed to take 35 seconds. Let's round to 35 sec.

This is a Z series of the first timepoint and a 3D rotation of the stack. 0.5 um steps. The resonant scanner was not working ideally and the table was not floating, so the images are not ideal (Nikon fixed these problems before the next imaging session).

Max projections in XY axes and through XZ axes through time, sequence length 35 sec. Note that signal is better on the side of the cell closer to the lens (shown here as up).