Basic protocol:

Lightning mode, upper left
Zoom 2 ok for individual cells.
Always click optimal button upper left.
Check RI mounting media correct.
Low noise image but 30 to 60 percent range ok.



You need to know the index of refraction (RI) of the mounting media. For instance, for MOUNTANT IMMU-MOUNT 20ML Epredia Immu-Mount Immu-Mount; 20 mL:Histology and Cytology, Quantity: | Fisher Scientific

Note that this mounting media dries or sets and changes RI.

Mounting media is a very important part of sample preparation.

A common mistake with Prolong Gold, Prolong Diamond, Epredia™ Immu-Mount™, and other hard set mounting media is using nail polish before they have fully set.

They need to set with access to oxygen and without mixing with the solvents in nail polish. For any commercial mounting media, please read the protocols. Many call for 24 hours set time after application.