Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 4:55 PM

requires the Fiji version of ImageJ.

Using beads, adjust DV2 to best alignment as possible. Beads at center should be perfect. Collect 16+ images and average projection to remove noise. Split channels. These are the reference. r.tif and g.tif

Run experiment.

Use reference with following to create text files of transformations to apply to real experiment.

Examples: g_inverse_transf.txt and r_direct_transf.txt

  1. split red and green bead images as separate windows
  2. bunwarpj to register them elastically and export “verbatim” the parameters.
  3. open a red image
  4. run a macro with this command:
    with red image selected:
    call("bunwarpj.bUnwarpJ_.loadElasticTransform", "R:\\MicroscopyCore\\users\\registrationtest\\r_direct_transf.txt", "g.tif", "r.tif");
  5. convert back to 16 bits.

Would require coding to work on a directory of images.