Using ImageJ or FiJi, you may pseudocolor any grayscale image (or channel of a hyperstack).

For instance, in this example, the image on the left is a 8 bit grayscale image. You can see ""8-bit" directly above the image.

The middle image is the exact same underlying data but displayed with a ratio pseudocolor LUT (Look Up Table) instead of a grayscale LUT. You may find the command to make this LUT packaged in these macros as "Recolor with ratio LUT [F6]].

If you want other colors that are prepackaged with ImageJ, look under Image > Lookup Tables. Or you may program your own LUTs.

This type of color image cannot be pasted into Photoshop or PowerPoint or other software. Therefore, to lock in the colors, Image > Type > RGB Color. Note that the image on the right says "RGB" where it used to say "8-bit".

You may select all and then Edit > Copy to System to grab the image to paste into another application. Or simply save the file.

The raw data are gone, but you have a color display for presentation.