Mark location found on plot profile curve on original image.

Author: Michael Cammer

macro_to_convert_from_plot profile_to_image_v100.txt is the first iteration. User manually finds points on plot profile curve and enters them manually one-by-one into the remapping function.


see above


It's just a macro. Plugins > Macros > Install...
Or open as a text file and install or run from the menu at the top of the window.


This macro is for mapping intensity points of interest back on the original image.

ImageJ 1.51 macro language -- Michael Cammer 20170222
If you use this, please acknowledge DART Microscopy Lab at NYULMC.

User draws (freehand, straight, or segmented) line selection on image.
Runs "Get X Y and intensity values".
Chooses location on curve, remembers X location.
User clicks on image window, runs "Mark spot on cell [q]", and inserts X location.
Macro marks on the image.

Suggested features to add:
= Draw location on as overlay in color(s).
= Instead of user choosing location(s) in Plot Profile window, the macro marks the points based on
criteria such as two brightest points along ROI.


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