Author: Michael Cammer & Aram Modrek
History: 20150303 v104
Source: MultiChannel_Conversion_to_8bit_Macros_v104.txt

It's just a macro. Plugins > Macros > Install...
Or open as a text file and install or run from the menu at the top of the window.


This macro takes a composite color single frame image, asks the user to define each channel's color, name, and contrast.

Then it takes an entire folder of images and applies these settings to every file and outputs each channel as an 8 bit image based on the settings.

The last image in the hyperstack is always assumed to be a grayscale trasnmitted light image..

How to use:

  1. Open a composite color image.
  2. Run the setup macro.
    Define each channel's color and name. Check whether you want a scalebar on the images.
  3. Adjust the contrast of each channel. You may change the mode in the Channels window to Color or Grayscale.
  4. Hit Ok to save the settings.
  5. Process All Files In Directory [F6] will apply to an entire folder of images.


See Also: Composite colors explanation

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