click to count and mark with convex hull

Author: Michael Cammer

click_to_count_convex_hull_v101.txt does not log results in text window
click_to_count_convex_hull_v102.txt outputs to Log window (20160509_2122)
click_to_count_convex_hull_v103 fixed problem with 2 counts and 1 count not being labeled properly




It's just a macro. Plugins > Macros > Install...
Or open as a text file and install or run from the menu at the top of the window.


This is a macro for convenience. It aids with manual counting of clustered objects. (Clusters may overlap.)

It was written for manual counting of clusters of spots in micrographs. User needed each cluster of features counted, marked, and recorded for output. Automated feature identification did not work so user needed to click manually on features to be counted.

  1. Install the macros.
  2. User chooses the Multi-point Tool to count objects.
  3. Each time you have a new image, run "Reset Counter".
  4. For each group of points, click on points to be counted.
  5. Run the macro "count, mark and log [q]" (or press "q").
    The points will be enclosed in an overlay and the count displayed near the center in the same color
    Text output with columns tab delimitted for easy import into a spreadsheet also go to the Log window.
  6. Return to step 4 for the next set of points...

If you want to save the overlays, Save As Tiff will store the overlays in the image as overlays or Image > Overlay > Flatten will stamp the overlays into the image and you can save in any format.



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